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Cute tiny kitten sleeping in a...cup!

“If it fits... I sits, and if I sits... I sleeps 💤💤.” “Kittens are cute and liquid.” “Adorable lil thing.” 💕 [Video: Bite CA]

4 funny cats • 'Butt wiggle' Mode activated 😆

“Four cats are watching the red dot but only one attacks!” “Funny lil butt wiggle challenge!” “The quiet one in the back is like...WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING?” 😂 “Put them on ‘America’s got talent’, they would be called the dancing tata cats!” “Nothing will beat the wiggle cat, but this is pretty funny.” [Video: jordan-cats @TikTok]

Funny Kitten • Kitty performs its own 'Magic Trick' ! From white kitten to black cat in 3 seconds 😹

A white kitten appears to turn into an older black 🐾🐾 Cat after ripping down a set of curtains, seemingly performing its own rib-tickling 'Magic Trick' 😄 [Video: Charlotte Riley Caters Clips]

Cute sleepy kitten having a violent (and short) nightmare

Cute and funny at the same time 😂 “Aww I want to pet them both.” “Super fast Ninja kitty strikes again.” “Me and you sleeping together during a hot summer night.”

Funny cat and owl spying on each other 👀

Cat: “I can see you, haha...” 😋 Owl: “Me too, hehe...” 😛 First one to blink looses...