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Funny cat kneading bOObs...with passion 💕

“Mom, look into my eyes : I love you 💖 and I love your soft titties, do you understand?” “Purrfect Boobs massage. Got milk?”  😋

Funny kittens • 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... Out comes a whole bunch of cute fur balls from the box 👀

“Oh my god I need this in my life! Little box full of fluffy love and they just keep coming!” “Woah! They're legion, Its' a GANG of criminal kitties!” 👀 [Video @matatabi_neko_house]

Cinemagraph • Sexy girl twerking? Grey cat doesn't give a single f*ck! 😂

Hmmm...One day cats might understand sexy dancing girls, but today is not that day 😼 hahaha!

Cute kitten • “OMG, that’s one hungry and overexcited kitty

"Mine...Gimme...Gimme!" “Mine Mine Mine gimme my milky…gimme gimme gimme!” “Awe! That’s so cute! That’s so sweet. It’s just like feeding a little human baby.” “Hurry up and feed that precious baby.” “That’s how my kitten acted when I was feeding him. I thought I wasn’t feeding him enough. Now I know.” [Video @jojo_aljoory]

Funny cat. Chubby kitties are so graceful (well, sometimes 😂)

“HALP! Human, I request your assistance.” “Real life Garfield.” “Haha Why the f*ck does he spin his but?!” “That's very chonky.” “Me Monday morning at breakfast time.” “I must admit, I have done a huge mistake.”