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Amazing kitten • Agile colorpoint kitty playing fetch!

Master of indoor purrkour! “No impurrsible mission for kitties.” “Cats are so agile and graceful.” 💗 “I can do it. GOTCHA!” 👍

Cinemagraph • Proof that black cats love big bOObs 👀

“Shake them titties, shake them...”  😋 “I think they're thirsty, they just want to drink some fresh milk.” 😂

Cute kitten • Tiny PURRito loves sweet caresses on her face

"I like how the kitty at first looked concerned, but a few well placed caresses put him at ease." [Video @foster_kitten]

Funny cats • “Tah-dah…Surprise! ‘Helga’ likes to make an appearance”

“This reminds me of a scene of The Lion King.” “Cats are so smart. He new enough to use his front legs to push some of those stalks /tall grass aside.” “Able to leap tall grass in a single bound.” [Video @galleriestgery]

Cute cats • Happy Abyssinian cat family

Mama cat hugging her cute baby with ♥ tenderness [h/t: exoticats]