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Cute cat • Gentle kitty slowly petting a little bird 💕

“Beautiful kitty and lucky birdie” “So much cuteness overload.” “Just like...humans... That is so precious.” “Adorable innocent bird...” 💖 “Do you think the cat is petting the bird with the same loving response as the human?”

Cute kitten • Awwdorable tiny kitty sleeping, dreaming and sticking her pink tongue out 😻

“So sweet! That little tongue! Adorable.” “OMG...dying of cuteness ❤️ overload.” “Made my day, thank you.”

Funny cat • “Wait, I can catch it!” (OUCH! Huge mistake, RIP + Balls)

“The risk was calculated, but I must admit hooman, I'm bad at physics.” “I like the way he just stop and regret it slowly...” “The first time I see a cat failing and not acting as if it was planned.” “I hope that's a female cat, if not = free and fast CATstration!” 😂 “BOOM! Thank gravity, you cut his balls off 😬 (and I can feel it in my balls).”

Funny cat and pheasant. Sharing food is ♥ love

“Thank you kitty, your lunch is delicious” “Hey kitty, what are you eating? It looks yummy! May I have a try?” “OK, my friend, sharing is love, enjoy my your meal.” “Fast food for pheasants.” “Cat food is so delicious, thank you kitty.” “OK, first you eat my food, then I eat you...” 😝 [Video @jukinmedia]

Halloween (black) cat is ready...

Image kill bad hoomans!