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Weird cat kneading the air in a weird position

“DAFUQ kitty?” “This doesn't concern you, walk away!” “Don't worry, it's just Paranormal cativity.” “Too much catnip, and you can see the consequences…haha!” “Kittyyyyy, what the hell are you doing?” “Oh Hi Mom, you're home early today...” “Nothing to see here move along curious hooman.” “CATS? They've got powers that none of us can explain.” 😲

Funny cats • Talkative kitties are talkative 😸 😸

“Feeed-Feeed-Feeed-Feed us!” “Hooman, pay attention to us!” “So cute kitties! I call it their 'birdie alarm'” 💕

Poor tired kitten, it’s hard to get any sleep around here 😿

“Why can’t anyone let her sleep peacefully?” “Meow! Please leave me alone…I want to sleep.” “Precious baby girl just trying to sleep & her hooligan siblings think she’s a new toy!” “Play with us…Play with us…Its’ playtime lazy sister!” “Go play somewhere else, ya hooligans I’m trying to nap here.” “when u try to get some sleep but responsibilities, work and bills wont let you.” “Kitties are like zombies attacking a poor sleepy kitten, haha!” [Video @love2foster]

Grooming time in purrfect sync >> Team spirit 😽 😽

 “When taking a bath with your brother, it’s important that you use synchronized licking movements!” “Wow so cute best buds ever!” “Cats who clean together stay together.” “We’re sexy and we know it!” [Video @fredngeorge_kitties]

Funny cat drinking fresh water in his big water bowl

By choosing the correct cat water bowl and filling it with fresh water, you can encourage your kitty to drink, because cats fed mainly on a dry diet MUST drink more water.