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Funny cat 😺 Weee! Weee! Weee! • Fun with fall leaves

Well, your cat loves autumn! “Kitty is so happy, his human keeps piling the leaves up for him to jump into!” [Video @furryfritz]

Funny cat • Proof that 'Maru' loves (tiny) boxes...WHATEVER! 😸

“He's still happy that he got a box to put his face into.” 😂 “How is Maru so calm?!“ 😲 “What a sweet chonky baby!” “WHAT? Do you love my new cat mask?” “Don't worry Maru you're still a cute cat even with a cardboard face.” [Video:]

Jealous kitty: “Hey, let me sleep between you...”

“Wait, I want to sleep here too. Aww cute and determinate kitty.” “Kitten annoying siblings.” “Me as baby with my brothers.” [Video @midorinotanbo]

Crazy cat girl dancing with her Cat (they mad haha)

“OK, bae gone wild, one more time!” 😛 “CATurday night fever” ♪ ♫ “Dizzy cat? Coming soon...” 😸

Crazy kitten dancing like crazy!

💥 PARTY HARD 💥 “Well, pawty hard...”