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Cute kitty asks ('Meow') for a little kiss 💋 before her nap

“This is my lovely cat 'Betty', and there we sleep..." “Her tiny 'Meow' means:  'Kiss me Mom, I need your love for a sweet nap.” “How cute and cuddly.” “Aww why kitties are so loving  💕 and cute.” “Cuteness Overdrive Engaged!” [Video: via ViralHog] 

Cool cats • 'Shironeko' cats chilling under fall leaves

“Beautiful leaves and beautiful kitties!” “Cute hunters are hidden.” “Zen CATtitude.” [Video: かご猫]

NEW and funny! Do you know the “Whisker hat”?

“Cat lover collects the whiskers and put them on the head of her cat as hat, haha!” “With all those antennas your (cool) cat should be able to pick up alien signals.” 👽 “Patient kitty is like a little spacecat.” “It's funny to see cat lovers collect fallen whiskers.” 💓 “Those trippy green eyes, haha.” “OK human, I love you but sometimes I'm getting real tired of your sh*t!” 😽 [Video @nala_take]

Sweet cheek rubs? Better than catnip!

“So good, I’m dying…” “When you get the head massage at the salon.” “So precious furrbaby.” “Sunday mornings be like.” [Video @kittenxlady]

Beautiful cat looking at camera

Psychedelic, colorful and glitch-datamoshing effect [Non-animated picture by unknown] Selfie with black frames.   “I'm sexy and I know it.”