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Funny 'Coke cat': “Do NOT touch any of them, ALL of them are MINE!” 🐾

“Please 'Kenny', just one, I'm so thirsty.” • “I said NOOOPE!” 😼 “Hey, can I borrow your fluff cat to help keep me honest to my diet?” 😂 “Possessive cat wants everything for himself.” “Keeping his humans in good health.”  😻 “He's still very territorial about what he thinks are his things.” “Never touch my coke ever again!” “It isn't that ‘Kenny’ doesn't like sharing! ‘Kenny’ is taking care of you and your weight. He's such a handsome and caring baby.” “Take your dirty hand off MY energy drink!” 💪 [Video @kitty.chloeykenshin]

Hilarious kitten • Greedy kitty eating like a piglet 🐷

“Me, after eating a delicious strawberry ice cream, haha.” 😂 “What a cute and…messy kitten.” “Thanks Mom, my dinner was really delicious” “Looks like Stripe from the movie Gremlins!” “When it’s the weekend and you get to break your fuck*ng diet.” [Video @myfosterkittens]

Funny cats: “Like mother, like child.” 😺 😸

Or... “Like father, like son.” 😂 “Mama cat & her kitty licking their right paws in sync.” “Synchronized cleaning.” Mama cat: “Me and my mini me.” “Aww. That’s cute. Baby’s modelling mom.” “I wonder who's copying who?” 😊

Funny kittens • “Come here my greedy kitties, lunch is readyyyyy!”

“Let's go, must follow the leader!” “Hahaha, what a mess, hungry kitties running and jumping everywhere and anywhere.” “Little monsters coming out of nowhere!” “Keep calm babies, that lunch is for you, no one is going to take it from you .” “Haha, the last one is lost: but...WTF are you doing?”

When a cat lover has his kitty in his mind, day and night 💕

 I l💙ve my cat...I l💚ve my cat...I l💛ve my cat...