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One more proof that REAL MEN love 💖 cats 😻

“When the Crazy cat lady 👩 is a…man! 😊” “Yep, puurfect…Good man feeding 9 Cats!” “My ideal living situation! And I like the one on the counter with special privileges haha.” “My dream, they are all so well behaved.” “Slave to Love?” “My future. This must be what heaven looks like.” “Must be difficult to feed 9 cats at the same tim! I have only 2 and already feels like 10 when to feed them as they run around like never get any food!.” “I’m the one on the counter eating away from everybody else, hehe.” [Video @nazkedi]

Cute kitten • Adorable sleepy 'pink' kitty found comfy bed and pillow 💕

“Awww look at this cute pink belly.” 😍 “BOOM! Explosion of cuteness.” 💛 + 💗 “So freaking cuuuuute!.” “Twitching kitty.” “Mommy I love to sleep on your warm tummy.” “It might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.” 🐱

Funny copycat. Kitty discovers the new cat-shaped wall clock...

...and tries to copy the pendulum tail, haha. “Clever cat proceeds to almost perfectly mimic the clock’s pendulum tail with his own tail.” 👍

Cute kitten • Smol kitty in its pocket gently playing with Mom's finger

“'If it fits, I sit'...and then I play with Mom.”  “My kitty can still fit in my pocket.” “Kittens love pockets = cozy nests.” [Video: shwuyeong]

Amazing cat • Woah! Long Munchkin cat is fuck*ng long! 👀

I am sexy a purring sausage and I know it! 😂