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Funny cat • Confused cat meets a groundhog for the first time 👀

“Who are you weird creature and what do you want?” “Keep calm kitty, why can't we be friends?” “I'm the killer corn and humans hate me!” The poor kitty like "The heck is this? Strange thing!" “Hello kitty. So you come here often?” “OMG. Imagine being a cat and not being aware that tunneling animals exist and then this thing just shows up in your garden.” [Video @flower_jji]

Cute white kitten cuddling Mom’s face. “I love ♥ you, do you understand?”

“Mooooom, wakeup wakeuup wakeuuuppp!” “Me cuddling your face during our nap.” “Sweet little baby and her beloved Mommy.” “When you see bae after not seeing her for a long week…” “Kitty looks so cheeky.” [Video @flower_jji]

Funny cat totally mesmerized by its own beauty 👀

“He's being so gentle and cautious.” “Looks like someone lonely during valentine's day.”  😂 “This Tuxedo cat is beyond precious, I love his mesmerized expression.” “When you realize  🐱  how purrfect God made you.” “Curious cat attempts to make contact with mirror reflection.” “I love the gentle motions, so sweet cat.”

Funny kitten • “The great escape: “I’m free, yes I’m freeeeee!”

Owner: “I guess the gate is going away today.” “Nothing can stop me now!” 😺 “Hey little sister, follow me, you can do it!” “Clever Kitty teaching the crew how to escape: follow the leader.” “Gahhh! Cutie stinkers!” [Video @myfosterkittens]

Funny cat: “Yes my hooman, rub my belly, It’s Air biscuit time.”

Like a Boss. For Cats, humans are just their slaves and feeding machines, haha. “He’s kneading air-dough while you pet him. He seems to like belly pets and didn’t do the typical cat thing, which involves bringing out the murder mittens. That makes this doubly satisfying.” “Hehe, my cat does the same paw movement when I pet his belly.” “Me Sunday morning in my bed.” [Video: wiseoracle]