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Cute kittens • 2 kitties spooning like synchronized swimmers 😻 😻

“Aww, even synchronized turns.” “Incredibly cute, these kitties are like humans in love.” “The way they both go to right made me laugh so hard very well  coordinated!.” “I’ve heard of synchronized swimming but synchronized sleeping...” [Video @riepoyonn]

Funny kitten • Kitty showing his human who is the boss 🐾

“Come here, kitty!” “Nope, YOU come here , hooman!” 😼 “When your kitten asks you to come to the floor, you come to the damned floor, OK?” 🐈 “That young cat is clever. Mimicking other creatures is a telltale sign of social intelligence.” 👍

Curious & clumsy cat vs. cardboard box • ¡Madre mía, qué 'Calor'! 😅

“‘Swakke’ getting a bit too curious with a cardboard box, attempting to have a look inside but ending up in a very compromising position!” [Video @swakkethecat]

Cute kitten • Sweet kitty slowly dancing in Mom’s arms 💕

“So cute kitty, that face.” “Pretty owner and an even more gorgeous kitten.” “I would like to kiss his fluffy belly.” “I would like to kiss Mom’s belly.” 😛 [Video @kesyacaat]

Funny cat: “I like to give myself some style with my amazing hair.”

“This may be the only time I ever approve of emo bangs!” “Me Monday morning in my bed.” “Adorable floof. Fashion victim.” [Video @atchoumthecat]