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Proof that cats are just a solid form of…liquid! 👀

“It’s a snake, it’s a model catwalking, no, it’s a cat 'zigzagwalking'”! “Well, cats are very flexible. I have seen my cat do a full twist that you do in gymnastics I do gymnastics and can’t do the I’m ashamed of myself.” “Boneless, smart and lovely cat.” “Purrfect balance!” 👍 “So agile, so graceful kitty.” [Video: amazing cats]

When kitty doesn’t want to share food with his sister!

“Have several kitties they said, they’re so cute they said…” “That awkward moment when you realize your kitty is very selfish!” “I said back OFF! This doesn’t concern you, you're on a diet…Walk away!”

Maru: “They said I could be anything, so I became a (box) TORTOISE.”

“Purrfect ambush positioning.” “Box Sandwich Maru.” “I love how he always has that serious look on his face.” “I know EXACTLY what I am doing, and there is a perfectly good reason why I’m doing it. You just wouldn’t understand.” [Video: maruhanamogu @youtube]

Smol cute 'pink kitty' sleeping & dreaming on his Mom

“Little teeny baby bean toes!” “Fun fact, kittens twitch like this because their nervous system isn’t fully developed when they’re born.” “I love you so much baby toes. I want to kiss your tiny kitten belly too. Look how pink and sweet you are! Welcome to the world babycat!” “Wild dreams got Mom concerned” That’s the universal Mom look of “Like, is this normal or should I take him the the paediatrician?!” “That’s a very pink kitten. Is the kitty dipped in fruit punch? That’s a vibrant shade of pink.” [Video: AjKaramba]

Kitty likes to chew tender sticks with beef (soft and savory)

OM NOM NOM and flashing crossed-eyes...