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'Suki' the Bengal cat: canoe ride in one of her favorite place... 👍

“'Suki' lives in Canada travels with his mistress and he poses for her in beautiful places. Perched on the bow of a boat or lying nonchalantly on the edge of a cliff, he knows how to honor the landscapes that surround her...” “I really love 'Suki', your cat is the coolest.” “This is so so lovely! What a wonderful place you live.” “Beautiful autumn landscape and beautiful kitty.” 😻 “Wait for it: SPLASH!” 💦 [Video @sukiicat]

Crazy Milk party with greedy kitties! “HALP human, I'm stuck.”

“Hungry Kittens were so numerous that the poor Mama cat couldn’t get up!” “Help me! My babies are crazy, they choke me.” “Get them off meeee!” “OK, Family is everything but too much is…too much. I give up!” 😿

Shhh... It's nap time for 4 cute tired kitties 💤 💤 💤 💤

Funny kittens sleeping on back like humans in bed, hehe. “Creepy kitties playing dead?” “Exhausted cat family, please hooman: Do NOT disturb!”

“C’mon playful kitties, right meow it’s play time with the (poor) broom!”!

“YEAAAAH Mom, your ugly corn broom MUST DIE!” “Cheap kitten toy.” “Haha, they MAD, when you have many kitties in the house, you don’t need to go to the circus!” [Video @floraflp]

“Kitty, what the heck are you doing here?” 😯

“Don't ask and gimme a high five !” “I'm chasing mice...” “I have no idea.” 😹