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When a cute and affectionate feral kitty follows you around…

...don't leave it, please adopt it! 💕 “We were out filming the other day and found this cute stray kitten. He followed us around most of the day. We weren’t able to take him home but a friend that was helping out that day actually took him home.” “The lil legs! Daaaaw!” “Follow the leader…” “As soon as I saw a kitten following me, I’d take it with me. No hesitation whatsoever on taking it. It’s heartless to leave it, adopt it!” [Video: Kuma Time]

Agile 'Miri' (Maru's sister) climbs the autumn leaves tree

“Fearless Miss 'Miri' climbs so high. She's beautiful against the autumn leaves.” “Absolutely gorgeous Autumn tree with all the red, orange and yellow leaves as a backdrop.” “'Miri' is so brave, agile and mischievous.” 💗 “Days grow short, nights cold, Trees shed leaves before the snow, and Maru lil sister climbs in them...” 👧 [mugumu @YouTube]

Shy & cute Kinkajou wants to be friends with cat

“OK Kinky, just a little kiss 💋 because I’m married.” [Video: stellathekinkajou via Storyful @YouTube]

Funny & cute kitten vibing to musical beat [Vibing Cat No. 41]

He really loves the 🎶 music 🎶 of his humans

Kitten doesn’t want to take her bath and the struggle is real

“Don’t move baby, you’re getting a bath whether you like it or not!” “Cute fight between Mom and daughter.” “Leave me alone Mom, It takes too long!” “Sometimes, parenting is difficult.” “Excuse me Mom, but I can clean myself.” “Grooming kids is a tough work.” [Video @kesyacaat]