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“NOoOoOo!!!” When you don’t want to go home!

“Me Monday morning when I don’t want to go to…school!” 👧 “Me when I have to leave bae.” 😪 [Video @pugandcat]

When your cat has his own personal elevator

“Like a Boss” (because humans are just their slaves) “Aww…this makes me think of the old lady with her døg in a basket from the movie 'Rear Window', an awesome Alfred Hitchcock movie.” [Video: funny_cats]

Kitten riding T-Rex Dinosaur, interrupted by Mama cat! “GAME OVER!”

“Awww this kitten is soo cute and is 💯% adorable! This cute baby wants to ride the dinosaur and momma is afraid that her precious baby will get hurt! Momma to the rescue!” “Cutets Dino rider, yeaaaaah!” “That’s enough, playtime is over, it’s time to go to go to bed now!” “Mom is scared and worried for her baby: go down from there little nugget!” “Hey lil cutie, what are you doing up there?” “How did I get up here? I don’t know how to drive this big and ugly monster!”

‘Monk’ the black vampurr vs. grass

“It’s a remake of Dracula with Christopher Lee Cat!” “This cat has amazing and huge teeth. Don’t mess with him: free finger amputation!” “Chasing the red dot, then the green grass, cat life = tough life” “Gotcha, fuck*ng grass!” “The Vampire Diaries, cat edition!” [Video @monkandbean]

10 curious cats startled by a mysterious swiffer robot! 😂

“Guys...Abort! Abort! Abort! It’s a trap!” “I love how some of the cats run in place for a couple seconds!” “Like it’s a cat cartoon.” “HaHa, the fluffy white one couldn’t get enough traction in her beans to run. Made me laugh.” “My cat runs just like that on our laminate floors. It’s always hilarious!” “The one that backs up, looks around like: “WHAT ARE WE RUNNING FROM!?” “Cats on hardwood floors will never cease to provide a good chuckle.” [Video: mike_pants]