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“My cat 'Bitey' learned a new trick inside the Xmas πŸŽ„ tree.”

“Thank you for the rescue and the Xmas tree, good hoomans. Right Meow my name is... 'Climbey'.” 😹 “She looks so happy, I love her so much. Such a pretty little explorer.” “Best ornament on/in your tree!” πŸ‘ [Video: yu/EricaH121]

BOOM! Funny & playful ginger cat punching Santa Claus ornament!

“I hate your Santa. Must die!” “Hmmm... This will end badly, disaster coming soon” :/ “Gingers cats are MAD!” 😝 [Video @Ginny the Kitten]

10 fluffy cats become simultaneously mesmerized by giant running mice!

“Many cat owners marvel at the event of their cat or happy bunch of Cats sitting in front of the TV screen and observing birds, fish or mice on the glowing planes. They're really funny”. [Video: ViralHog @YouTube]

Cute Christmas kitty gets mezmerized discovering beautiful Xmas ornaments πŸ‘€

“Here is our most downy baby and the most curious as well.” πŸ’• “What a wonderful, beautiful and pawesome new World for our innocent kitties.” “How cute and sweet is your kitty.” [Video @alexandrova.alesia]

White cat playing HARD with silver Xmas ball “GOTCHA that one!”

“GOTCHA! This one is mine, it's a purrfect cat toy.” “Oops, sorry Mom, I'm so clumsy!” 😸 “Video @julielvsmusic]

Funny cat enjoys to play with Xmas ball ornaments... Hmmm...the balance....

“'Stella' our black cat is a naughty cat, hehe.” “Well, if he loses his balance, this is going to end in...disaster!” [Video @stella_cat]