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Funny 'Devon Rex' kitty playing with Xmas ball

 “Christmas mood...” “Boxing cat is boxing.” “Funny and cute kitty” “Punching bag ball” “Rocky Balbo cat training hard!” [Video @cz_devons]

Crazy vegan kitty eating the Xmas tree, haha....

“Hey naughty kitty, STOP eating my beautiful Christmas tree, you mad or what?!” [Video @Jenny Linguine]

Playful kitty wants to catch Xmas tree ornaments but inevitably...

Kittens are so playful but often that will end in disaster, haha, wait for it. “Ugly tree, Must DiE!” “Poor Xmas tree: K nock O ut!” 😒 “GAME OVER!” [Video @chiemi]

Stubborn cat trying to catch a green peacock ornament in the Xmas tree...

“Hey Mom, leave me alone, this birdy is my fav toy, Miiiiiiiiiiiiiine!” [Video @Rachelcat]

Cute Xmas kitty loves to play, being in the spotlight

“Your Christmas tree is so wonderful, I love December, thank you humans...” [Video @Grace Hawthorn]

Quiet kitty hidden in the Xmas tree a.k.a. his new fort

“So cute little angel in the lights makes it bright.” “A few quiet moments before...destruction, hahaha!” 😂 “See you, hooman!” “Mode hide and seek activated.” [Video @funny_cat_flocon]