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💥 When santacat.exe crashes unexpectedly! 💥

“Sorry humans, I'm so tired, I can't walk and I can't deliver the presents today.” “But l'm kneading WHATEVER, hahaha! ” 😸 Elton John's cat : “I'm still kneading, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪♫ I'm still kneading, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♫” 😂 “Cute kitty, at the beginning he looks very shy...” “Sometimes doing your best is not good enough.” “Peekaboo, it's me... BOOM!” 👎 “To be or not to be (a Santa cat), that is the question.” [Video @Tushie Pookes]

Funny ginger cat playing with an amazing Santa Claus puppet

“Humans, You know what? I love my new toy 💖  I love Santa Claus puppets •  I love Christmas time 💖  I love my cat life.” 😻 “ Everything becomes a toy for cat, they're so so playful.” 👍 [Video @alison]

Cute Munchkin reindeer cat is ready, bobbing his head

“Very interesting. Whatcha doing Mom? You look very busy today with your Xmas tree.” “Mom, pay attention to me. Am I cute with my new reindeer hat?” 😻 [Video @Cynthia Moon]

“Arrogant snowman ⛄️ down, because NO snowmen allowed on beaches!”

“Loving 💕 this ginger Grinch.” “BOOM! Get out of here, MY beach!” “Super fluff Grumpy 😾 really hates snowman, haha.” [Video @thezenkitty]

Two curious cats startled by the singing Xmas tree 😂

“Demi stalked the Christmas tree for ages before setting it off. She scared the wits out of Woody in the background too. She has given the tree a wide berth ever since.” “I like how the eyes and mouth are hidden and they appear when it triggers.” 👀 “haha the cat did a super fast backflip !” 😂 “Even the cat on the rug is like: “I'm outie!” [Video: comicalcats @YouTube]

Proud cat driving his new car like a boss...

“They see me rollin' with my mini Xmas Teddy , they hatin'.” 😺 [Video @Yody Cat]