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Funny Santa cat walking forward with determination

“ Ho Ho Ho! Hi there! I'm 'Tigra'. I'm a cute Santa Kitty, isn't it ?” [Video @kroonis]

Cat showing off another purrfect Christmas sweater, made across the pond for my (patient) kitty 👩

“My Darling the sweater is bested only by the rakish way you wear your Santa hat!” “Wowee! Tremendous, Mom!” “Funny, cute and tolerant fashion victim.” 😺 [Video @pecanthenu]

'Rover' purrfectly showing the meaning of 'Xmas catwalk'

“The amount of love this cat has for its owner, though.” “That's a mini black panther not a cat.” 😍 “Woah, so proud and MAJECTIC kitty!” “'Rover', you are outdoing yourself every time I see you!” “This cat looks fierce, elegant and absolutely FA-BU-LOUS!”👍 “This black cat it more elegant than most models.” “This video should be a catwalk tutorial for young models.” “Walk walk fashion baby.” “This cat has the perfect catwalk prance same as any supermodel!!   “Vogue meowdel, ready for the next fashion week.” “Cleopawtra, Queen Vicpurria, Cleocatra. Now add a crown!” “In the days of ancient Egypt, cats were worshiped as gods. They have not forgotten this...” “ALL HAIL TO QUEEN!” “Her majesty has arrived, stand you peasants!” “If Beyonce was a black cat.” 😋 [Video @rover_thecat]

Now Santa cat is purrfectly dressed up, ready but a little bit shy 😿

“ “Mom, where are the Xmas gifts I have to deliver?” “I'm OK Mom, but where are the Xmas presents I have to deliver?” “Hmmm...That Santa Claus (cat) with BLACK mustache instead of WHITE mustache, is breaking the rules!” 😹  [Video @mojyacoro96]

Clumsy cat jumps from top of Xmas tree: epic FAIL! 😂

“OMG, clearly, it was a suicide.” “Byyyye cruel World, I regret nothing.” [Video: ItsKittyCatTime]

🎄 That awkward moment when your realize that your cat is going to...

...destroy your beautiful Xmas tree! 👀 “OH MY GOODNESS   I MUST CRAWL IN THIS THING”