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Cute kitten sucking her thumb like a human baby 💞

“Cutest thumbsucker!” 😻 “Just amazing. Was it taken from it's mother too early?” “This proves that cats are evolving, day after day...” FROM 😺 TO 👩👨

And the 'Most PATiENT Xmas kitty' Award goes to this cute dressed up ELF cat 👏

“Yep, when Santa's on break, I'm on break.” 😺 [Video @ihavecat]

Funny Siamese cat wants to win with 'Xmas Mannequin challenges' (2 GIFs)

    She wants to win as Santa Cat . “I can't believe how good she is at it! My cats never sit still.” [Video @mochikit]  And as Elf cat she wants to win too! ► More 🎄 CHRiSTMAS 🎄 CAT GIFs

How to purrfectly wrap your cat as Xmas present 👌

“Your cat is so patient and calm. I'm amazed he didn't start playing with the paper of rolling around in it and stuff.” [Video: Christine Leigh]

Xmas time is the most wonderful purple & pink time of the Year 💞

“The most beautiful and colorful Xmas cat scene ever! Gorgeous, like a window scene at Macy's!” “Very elegant pink collar and bow tie.” [Video @princess_vega_nena]

“Hey cat ♥ lovers, do you like my new Santa cat Costume made by Mom?” 😻

“My cat 'Cheetoy' proudly wearing his new Santa outfit (handmade 👩).” [Video @cheetohboy]