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/!\ BREAKiNG NEWS /!\ 😿 This morning a criminal Siamese cat killed innocent Santa Cat! RiP+

“So, unfortunately, NO Xmas presents for our kittens this year.” 😪 “After “I shot the Sheriff ♪♫”. . . “I killed Santa Cat!”, haha little monsters.” 😂 “Serial killer cat caught in the act!” “Sneak attack, you'll never see it coming!” “Wait, now I wonder if my weird Siamese cat is secretly plotting to kill me?!” “BAD LUCK Santa cat! Right time but wrong place. Amen +” And the murderer told the pawlice: “I don’t regret and would do it again because I'm...agnostic and I hate Xmas!” 😾

“One KFC Kitten Nugget, please!” • Aww... so tiny, co cute sleepy kitty 💕

“Nugget with a side of beans ..” 🐾 😃 “Aww, the lil tongue at the end: that cute smol blep.” 😋 “Please gimme a six pack of those fluffy nuggets.” “The secret recipe is cuteness.” Kitty: “If I fits, I naps, whatever...” “In this case KFC stands for 'Kitten's Freakin' Cute!'.” [Video: susanaTerror @imgur]

CUTEST Santa cat and (small) Elf cat 💕 ready to deliver Xmas presents for (good) kitties

“Sweet Santa Cat and Elf kitty, the're are looking gorgeous.” “'Eric' Elf looks so tiny, adorable fluffy kitty.” “Oh my god, this is the best pose so far, no words, as always I adore them!” “Thank you, so sweet beauties cuties, have lovely Xmas sweethearts.” “In American, Canadian, Irish, and British Cat cultures, a Christmas ELF 🐾 Cat is a diminutive elf cat that lives with Santa Cat at the North Pole and acts as his helper. Christmas elf cats are often depicted as green or red clad with large ears, sharp claws and pointy hats. Santa's elves are often said to make the kitty toys in Santa's workshop, to buy fresh catnip and take care of his reindeer, among other cat tasks.” 😅 [Video @eric_and_ollie_]

2 funny boxing cats or 'Patty-Cake' mode activated? 😺 😼

“I think two cats boxing each other on their hind legs.” “Nope, that’s like a mime not like boxing.” “Yes, playing 'patty-cake' is something that grown cat siblings seem to do.” “Now that’s funny…uncommitted on both parts!” 👍 [Video: Petsami·]

Elegant Santa cat. 'Maccha' is ready to deliver presents 🎁 🎁 🎁

“She's lookin' good with this pawesome suit.” “Those little feet!” “I’m dying, sooooo cute kitty with her tiny ears.” “Haha, the brain actually register that it actually walk like human.” [Video @macchacat]

When your clumsy cat is not in the Christmas spirit, haha! 😹

“Retreat! Retreat!, I have done a mistake with those Xmas tree lights!” “Now I'm stuuuuuck, HALP!” “Sneaky Xmas tree light attack!” “Hmmm... Not the Xmas spirit but the MESSY spirit, hahahaha!” 😄 [Video @kimberanne31]