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Just a delicious smol ♥ fur ball Purrito 🌯 for you

“I'm a cool and patient kitty, is not it?” “Awww precious baby, I want to kiss its lil pink nose.” “So cute and innocent face.” 💕 “I have no idea what Dad is doing but I love this new game...” “They see me rollin', they hatin'.” 😸

When your cat is Santa cat and Santa CLAWS 🐾 at the same time

'Nelson': “I use my horizontal scratching post because I need to be ready for Xmas day!” [Video @nelsonbritishcat]

There are 2 types of people during the Xmas holidays. Which one are you? 👧👦

“Bae on Christmas vs. me on Christmas, hahaha!” “Hey Santa cat, pay attention to me!” But not a single f*ck was given that Xmas day (poor reindeer) “BLEP cattitude is everything.” “Oh Lordy! I can NOT stop laughing. This genuinely makes me laugh out loud!” “And 'Melissa' is thinking “Why the hell can't you just stop this crazy dancing reindeer?!” “'Melissa', slap that damn reindeer!” “ Hahaha no care factor at all.” “When you're with the fam and the hash brownies kick in!” [Video @melissa_scottish]

“Hey cute Santa kitten, what are you reading?” 😀

“What? A book about 'Christmas gift deliveries in a fast and secure way.'

Patient Scottish fold cat amazingly dressed up with Xmas decoration

“Before Christmas, 'Luigi' got the Christmas spirit, well sort of!” “Your cat is being so patient, so tolerant and he looks lovely.” [Video @pugandcat]

When your cool cat is 100% part of Xmas ornaments 👍

“I'm a blue Xmas cat, much better than a green Xmas tree, hehe.” 😺 [Video @animalsbestfriendz]