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“Girls, just got a new red car for Xmas! Who’s coming for a ride?” 😻

“Oh my goodness it’s priceless how he’s hanging out the side.” “Its a red FURrari , I presume?” 👧 “Wow! Lucky 'Eric', I want to come for a ride with you.” “Looking pretty cool.” “You look like a pro in there, cutie. Don’t go too fast or the pawlice will catch you!” “They see me rollinnn', of course they hatinnn...'” “Wow wonderful car for a wonderful kitty.” “Soon our cats will be driving us!” “Aww, your new car is really fantastic sweetheart, I'd love to go for a ride with you, I'm sure you are the best driver!” “Wow what a pawsome new car! I want to sit shotgun in your red car, I imagine all the chicks we can pick up in this.” 👌 “'Eric' you look like a little human big boss.” “He looks very pleased with his car and the color suits him well.” [Video @eric_and_ollie_]

When your furrbulous Xmas 🎁 present is a cute Scottish fold Kitty 💖

“Surprise! Hello, It's me dear cat lovers, I'm your new kitty right Meow!” “OMG, what a purrfect and purring Xmas gift!” [Video @ pugandcat]

Haha, overexcited cats wildly trying to open their Xmas presents!

They mad and no one can stop them! 😁 “Catnip inside, I presume.” “'Wild bunny kick' Mode activated.” “Wrapping paper destruction' Mode activated.“ [Video: CrazyFunnyStuffCFS]

Cute cat in a gift box: purrfect Xmas present for cat ♥ lover

“And...‘Party Hard’ with the crazy Xmas Squad!” [Video @NickWDee]

Cute cat snoring while cuddling a choo choo train under the Xmas tree

“Zzzz...Zzzz... I like to sleep among Xmas gifts and with beautiful Christmas decoration things.”

Funny meowstache cat, with pawesome hat, approves his Xmas present

“Thank you good Humans, I love my Xmas present.” Fluffy Persian cat: “Yep, I want that one.” “Very elegant red hat.)” [Video @mr_cheeto_meowstache]