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How to purrfectly manage your cute sleepy cat & your homework 👍

 “Good night sweetie 💕 I am here, close to you and watching over you.”  [Video @mariangelmilano]

2 crazy cats chasing the red dot in a...snowy forest!

“Yep, we're chasing the fuck*ng red dot everywhere and anywhere even in the snow because we're killers!” “Hmmm... almost. Do your mean 'We TRY TO catch...” 😋 [Video: Cuckoo Kittyland]

Funny kittens • Jumper in redweld folder: “Peek-a-Boo!” 😸 😺

“Aww cute jumper. I want a kitty jumper.” “Me trying to escape from my responsibilities.” “CATch me if you can!” “This is the only file folder I ever want to have to carry again.” [Video @Winnie.TherapyDog]

Funny cat ‘trying’ to catch falling snowflakes (never give up)

“This cats is determined to chase and catch every single snowflake falling from the sky. Winter fun.“ [Video: CrazyFunnyStuffCFS @YouTube]

Cat thief! “Sorry Human, your delicious sausages are mine.”

“Co-co-co-come at me little things, I love you... Resistance is futile.” 😸