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How to purrfectly manage your cute sleepy cat & your homework πŸ‘

 “Good night sweetie πŸ’• I am here, close to you and watching over you.”  [Video @mariangelmilano]

2 crazy cats chasing the red dot in a...snowy forest!

“Yep, we're chasing the red dot everywhere and anywhere even in the snow because we're killers!” “Hmmm... almost. Do your mean 'We TRY TO catch...” πŸ˜‹ [Video: Cuckoo Kittyland]

Funny kittens • Jumper in redweld folder: “Peek-a-Boo!” 😸 😺

“Aww cute jumper. I want a kitty jumper.” “Me trying to escape from my responsibilities.” “CATch me if you can!” “This is the only file folder I ever want to have to carry again.” [Video @Winnie.TherapyDog]

Funny cat ‘trying’ to catch falling snowflakes (never give up)

“This cats is determined to chase and catch every single snowflake falling from the sky. Winter fun.“ [Video: CrazyFunnyStuffCFS @YouTube]

Cat thief! “Sorry Human, your delicious sausages are mine.”

“Co-co-co-come at me little things, I love you... Resistance is futile.” 😸