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Aww...Why are you so cute my white kitty? 💘

“So damn cute!” “Oh my god, overdosed on cute.” “Oh God. I want it” “Such a fine delicate fingers...” “So cute it'll make your heart explode!” 💔

Innocent cat slowly swallowed by gravity. RIP+

“OK, see ya later alligator kitty.” “Don't worry, cats are liquid.” “Funny hind legs...“ “Funny Bunny paws.”

SNEAK ATTACK! Ninja kitten attacks adult cat for no reason...

WOAH! He has an electric punch! 💥 “Smol killer, don't mess with him!”

Funny cat • One long ear…Two long ears… it's the ear trick! 😸

“I want 'Ariel'! So cute and gorgeous cat.” “You’re such a sweety and good looking girl!” “She’s so lovely even though she looks like a big cat but I discovered that she has a warm ♥ heart and she’s like a baby too.” [Video @ariel.caracat]

Curious cats discovering a big snowcat butg suddenly...

“Very funny cats! I couldn't stop laughing when the upper part of the snowcat fell down.” [Video: 9 Cats @YouTube]