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Cute kitten chilling with his mini Teddy bear 💕

Mode ‘Cuteness overload’ activated. 💓 💔 💖 💘 “GoOoOd how yummy and adorable, my pretty.” “Get it Get it Get it…” “The kitten fever is real y’all.” “Adorable and so innocent...” [Video @matatabi_neko_house]

Purrfect self wrapping purrito

“You, hiding from all your responsibilities!” “This is my cat when you try to lock him out of the bed.” “Me sunday morning when my alarm went off.” “1…2…3…I’m invisible!’ [Video @snowgold_bengal]

Mainecoon cat loves snow falling on his winter fur 😺

“Snow day? It's not a problem for me...“ “Because Mainecoon cats love snow!” “He is meditating.” 😁 [Video @Kiki]

2 colorpoints cats, 'Millie' and 'Milo' enjoying sledding like kids

“So funny, so sweet, so damn cute.” [Video @millieandmilo2010]

Hmmm... weird and funny kitten lying on its back and... 👀

💢 Good vibrations! 💢 “Mode 'Paranormal cativity 'activated.”