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Amazing Ninja cat in a snowy land, repetitively jumping over river!!!

“They said I could be anything. So I became a flying snow leopard .” “Nothing can stop him, haha.” 😹 “I believe I can fly and I fly, again and again and again...” “Purrfectly breaking the Law of Gravity! ” 💪 [Video: Epic animals @YouTube]

Milk bar is open 24/7, even when kitties are...bigger than Mama cat! 😸

“Patient Mother cat, letting her babies nurse and they are bigger than she is! Time to wean Momma!” “Little Big monsters! My cat used to slap her kittens when they tried this, haha.” “Got Milk?” “Why are the kittens bigger than their mom and not weaned?!” “Stop it crazy kids, leave me alone, you’re embarrassing me, human is filming us!” 😼

Cute kitten making 'Air biscuits' and showing 10 sharp claws 🐾

Kitty: “Oh Wow, lookit! I’ve got ten of these sharp things. Five here, and five here. I can’t wait to destroy everything with them.” “AWWW so tiny ans cute baby” [Video: TerryfromTomandJerry]

Totally rocks! New VIP cat sunglasses 😎 for white kitty

“Why is this kitty better looking than I am?” 👩 “One more Fashion Victim.” “I’m sexy and I know it.”

White fat cat being fractalized 👍

“OK kitty, you look very handsome, It's a purrfect pink & purple fractalization!” “Thank you hooman, now my new name is ' Fractalius '.” 😸 (and I'm NOT fat, just big boned...) “Big Dad, you are so beautiful...”