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Funny cat wants to play video game like his human

“OMG, he wants to help ‘Coeurl Kitten’ so bad.” “When your cat wants to play the video game too.” “HALP my fellow cats, give me Nathan Drake.” “This is so cute! She can actually recognise a video cat. And people think animals are not intelligent! They are far more than we are.” [Video @Irisfold]

⚠ WARNING ⚠ Vicious kitten fight! 💕

“Kitten wrestling, always funny and...cute!” “Aww...too much viciousness to watch. Couldn't handle it!” “Such little balls of vicious fluff!” “Look at these fat little milk bellies.” 💗 “Would be like me and you trying to fight after eating loads of pizza.” “Their little tum tums.” “Those little pink piglet bellies.” 💓

Happy Fennec fox reunited with black cat, his new friend

“‘Rupert’ the Fennec came to us at just 4 weeks old and this video show’s him being reunited with his best friend ‘William’, one of our cats. They became good friends when we were hand rearing ‘Rupert” and it’s wonderful to see how excited Rupert is at seeing his friend again.” “Fennec Fox: ‘I really really really missed you! I love you my Kitty!” “Such a cute interspecies friendship, the Fennec fox is so happy, wagging his tail like crazy.” [Video: IPRescue @YouTube]

Overconfident kitten retreats after making a bad decision! 😋

“So funny Cute little kitty. Very brave, but needs to learn his place!” “Kid, don't mess with slapping machines!” [Video:]

Skater jumps over sleepy kitty 👀

“When I sleep, I sleep and zero fucks given to humans, Zzzz... Zzzz...” “It's a psychedelic and colorful cat's DREAM!”