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Instant Karma: bitten biter! 😼

“Hey! Pick on someone your own size!” “Hey you, bad boy, STOP biting Kitties like that.” 😼 “What? I was only playing. No kitten were harmed.” “Right protect the kids.” “Come at me Bro, we have to talk.” “Don’t mess with the babies.” “Don’t mess with Siamese cats.” “I did not see that coming.”👀

Kittens are liquid • Prison break, Kitty edition 😸

“The great escape. Let me try Bro, you’re chubby but I can do it.” “We need all the push that we can get!” “What a smart and agile kitty.” 👍 “Adios amigo, you can stay in this frickin' cage but I’m out of here, jajaja!” “LOL, that tiny dude is determined to get fresh tuna.”

Funny cat walking in snow, shaking his legs

“Why this shakey-shakey walk?” “ I do it when my paws get wet because I have a little cold on my tootsies.” [Video @niiskis] 

Ginger Maine coon cat walking on a snowy fence

“So beautiful, his coat is on fire in the sun.” “Not so easy, he needs a purrfect balance.” 👍 “Cats are so graceful.” [Video @mainecoon_aslan]

Black and white cat walking in a funny way...

 3D Wiggle effect 🔁🔁🔁