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/!\ Breaking News /!\ A sneaky Ping Pong ball killed lazy cat! RIP +

Cats playing dead are always funny, haha. “Blargh, I'm dead but 9 lives - 1 => still have 8 lives left.” 😸 “Funny hind legs.” ”Bae at the gym yesterday, hahaha.” 😂

3 amazing kittens hidden in a hole and walking in snow

1... 2... 3... they are so funny and cute ♥ ♥ ♥ “They're coming from nowhere!” “Snow mole kitties.” “And now, where are you going, little guys?” [Video: Boxes of Foxes Fan Base @YouTube]

Sneak attack! Suddenly Ninja cat pounces like mini tiger! 😸

“I don’t think ‘Romeo’ understands that while I want to play fun kitty games, I’m also on blood pressure meds. Throttle down there rock star!” “Mwahahaha, keep trying to figure out where it’s coming from.” “Ninja Cat: 'Wait for it, homan…BOOOM! You’re dead!'” [Video: daniprieur]

Good boy wants to help his human to clear snow (watch until the end :)

“Helpful and funny winter cat.” “Sneaky snow.”😹 [Video @landonwisephoto]

In the darkness of the night 2 black cats - in 💕 love - are proCATstinating

“Darling we have so much to do inside the house...” “Yep my love, but so little desire to do it!"