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Purrfect catwalk in snow 👍 So agile, graceful and elegant cat

“They walk in single file to hide their numbers.” “Because cats!” 👏 “Cats walk like this because they know that spots are safe and quiet to step on, back paw step into front paw spot 🐾🐾 Perfect for stealth and hunting.”

“Come on Kitty, let me show you a quiet place to take your little nap.”

“Mom…Mom…let me play outside, Mom, pleaaaase!” 😿 “She’s so proud of her little baby. So sweet.” “Wow, SO LUXURiOUS home and cat family!” “Catwalk with my baby.” 😸 “Me carrying food from the fridge to my room while my hands are full. Relatable. Epic.” [Video @oxanaswarovski]

Ooooops! Hang in there kitty! 😹

“Lazy, chubby, clumsy but so funny cat.” “Me trying to play it cool when I'm drunk!” 😂 “Cats are liquid. All we know it.” “Current mood on my way to work.” [Video @holyeevy]

Playful cat wants to make friends with a brave toad

“I love how to kitty just wants to play but the toad ain’t having it.” “You trying to get me out of the room.” “The playful cat and the brave toad.” by the French fabulist Jean de La Fontaine .” “Leaping friend.” [Video @ashleyanthony]

Kitty is electrified by animated Maneki-Neko cat

Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... “Funny 'BOOP the nose' machine!”