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Funny cat trying to catch luge women's single competitor @ 2022 Beijing Olympics

“Keep trying kitty! You win some, you luge some...” “Got two cats. One loves Bob Ross other loves hockey, haha!” 😸 😹 “Damned, she was so fast and furious!” “So it's the reason everyone was crashing out of turn 13!” 😂 “Get it, kitty, you can do it!”

3 cute and funny kitties: “How interesting…” 👀

“Interested fluff babies, discovering a cartoon on tablet, they’re so cute.” “This shot is lovely.” “Innocent babies discovering a new wonderful world.”

Funny crossed-eyed 'space cat' in his flying saucer

“Houston, we have a problem...” 👀

Cat head through hand 💗 heart • Sweet kitty in love with his human

“That is pure 💕 love” “Adorable. I love its huge Maine coon ears.” “Love him so much, he literally would do this.” “Tried to do this with my (silly) cat and he bit me, haha!” [Video @metatroneyes_maine_coons]

Surprise! Sneaky black kitten attacks his human!

“Wait for it!” 😁  “Fast attack and SUPER fast retreat!” “Liquid Kitty playing with his hooman.” “Playful kitten performing ‘Hide and seek’ + ‘Peekaboo’ >> TWO IN ONE!” “SURPRiSE, Motherf*ckaaaaa!” 😼