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Super cool kitten: “Dad, today I'm tired, but tomorrow I'll drive the car, OK?” 😸

“Wonder if she turns on the indicator for his human?” 😋 “ I can’t handle how precious that is.” 👍 “Your furry GPS looks like he doesn't care where you're heading.” [Video]

Clumsiest white kitten, stuck between couch and table, hahaha! 😂

“HALP! I've mad a huge mistake.” “Purrfect Synchronized Swimming?!” 😅 “I have absolutely no idea what am I doing, something went wrong!” “Engaging in battle... RETREAT! RETREAT! (OK, I can't) .”

DEAL WiTH iT (funny cat)

They see me rollin', they hatin' 😸 “They see me wearing a pile of sunglasses, they hatin'!” 😹 Back and forth, haha F*CK cat haters! 😼

Sneak attack! Ninja cat sikes again 😸

“One of these cats is a jerk: 'OK, my work here is done, next one…'” “Poor startled cat: run run kitty! When you have a bad day, a really bad day…” 😾 “When suddenly a naughty cat viciously attacks his best friend.” [Video: Alejandro Paulano Guzmán @YouTube]