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Surprised kitten is surprised! So funny reaction 😁

“Playful kitty: 'Tickle Tickle' Mode activated.” “Skritchies Skritchies. What a goofball. So adorable 💕” “That hilarious face like 'I'm a monster!'” “Ears: Mode ‘ultimate fight’ activated.” “I freaking love it when playful kitties do this.”

Crazy boneless cat doing its Yoga in the strangest position 👀

“Yep, don’t know which yoga position this is, but wish I could contort my body like this funny kitty.” “WUT? It’s super comfy…” “Is your cat broken? Cuz that’s what it looks like, haha.” 😁 “OK homan, when u’ll stop laughing so loud would u please gimme treats? Guess I deserve it!” “This is how bae looks when she does her daily stretches.” “The look is like: “…and WHAT?” 😼 “cat.exe has encountered a problem and stopped working.” “Your cat is totally DRUNK, that’s why.”

‘What The Fluff Challenge’ • Funny Cat reaction 🙀 (2)

“BOO!” Curiosity scared the cat, HaHa! 😂 “But…where is she?” “Brave, but not foolhardy.” 😸 “Poor ‘Lennon’, he actually seemed concerned.” [Video @jessa1489]

4 adorable kitties wearing colorful wool hats 💚 💖 💛 💙

“Green, orange, yellow and blue hats, but I prefer the green one.” 💚 “I Want to give each of them a GREAT BIG HUG and KISS they're SOOO CUTE!” “I think all kittens should wear tiny hats...and I think think cat lovers would agree.” [Video @cattery_greycat]