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‘What The Fluff Challenge’ • Funny Cat reaction 🙀 (4)

“Epic FAIL. Ninja Kitty strikes again.” “Sneak attack: “Stupid hooman, your fuck*ng Challenge is over!” 😹 “What are you doing? I said: don’t mess with me. ” BOOM! [Video @eve30543]

It's Playtime! 3 funny kittens playing hard with new pink toy

“This time my fluffy got a little too ambitious. He decided to try to stand on the bird feeder. Quickly he discovered that it wasn’t stable and well you can see what happens!” [Video: Gilbert @viralhog] 

When you’re home alone, enjoying a good bath and hear a weird noise downstairs! 😱

“You are so adorable ‘Angel’ and have the cutest expressions.” “haha that would be me too. “ “When I see a big black spider running on the bathroom wall.” “You said you’d be home 30 mins ago! Where the hell you at?” [Video @angelbengal]

Funny kitten having a nightmare on Mom's thighs

Wiggle...Wiggle...Wiggle “Swimming in the air.”