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‘What The Fluff Challenge’ • Funny Cat reaction 🙀 (6)

“Hmmm...I think our “What the Fluff Challenge” broke my cat, haha!” 😂 “Funny MeerCAT reaction: “Wait, I sense danger, where is my Dad?” “Wow, this is a clever cat reaction. This cat is smart, he knew something was wrong.” “Demoooonnnn, bring back my beloved human!” 😼 [Video: contentbible @YouTube]

How to wake up 3 cute sleepy kitties in a funny (and milky) way 😁

“Milk tiiiiiime for everyone!” “Too cute, would 💓 to hear their sweet meows.” “It's funny, but give the poor babies some milk.” “The one on the far right had the first reaction.” “I use to do that to my cats when they wouldn't wake up. Woke them up real fast!” “What a tease.” 😜

Cat walking slowly on cover suddenly falls in a carboard box (haha it was a trap!) 😹

OK, good nap & sweet dreams, see ya later… 😂 “Cardboard boxes? Funny traps for innocent cats.” “Poor cat, swallowed by a cardboard box. RIP+.” 😛 ‘Bro: “I know that it is a cover, It’s awkward to move. No I can’t get under it.” “Very funny fail, it makes my (sun)day!” “Funny short tail.” [Video: MAKO0MAKO0 @YouTube]

Aww 💛 Sweet Munchkin kitty needs sweet rubs

“Oh my god, overdosed on  💕 cute.” “How cute and cuddly kitten.”