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Slow cat attack retreat ► Purrfect war strategy 👍

“Catch me if you can!” 😸 “I think your cat is plotting to kill you: first attempt!” 😂 “ MATRIX CAT ► CATRIX! ” 💚

“NOOOPE!” 😼 Funny kitten doesn't want to be wrapped in sterile cloth

Such a funny reaction. “Epic Kitten reaction.” “Hilarious looking face.” 😂 [Video:  SICSA Pet Adoption Center]

‘What The Fluff Challenge’ • Funny Cat reaction 🙀 (9)

“And not a single fuck was given that day!” 😹 “Did she goes somewhere to get me some food?” “I did this with my cat and he jumps on the blanket and sat on “It was like: “Dude com’on I am trying to show you some magic trick…” “Cat reaction: Level Zer0!” 😋 “Lazy Cat: “My human disappeared? Nice…I’m gonna take a good nap right here.” 😸

BOOM! Sneak attack: Siamese kitten attacks Mama Cat 😸

Fearless, playful, funny and cute kitties 😁 [Video: blueeyescattery @YouTube]