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‘What The Fluff Challenge’ • Funny Cat reaction 🙀 (10)

This is the famous ' What The Fluff Challenge ' 😸 which consists of humans bamboozling their pets. The concept is simple: the human stands behind a blanket, and when it drops, he disappears. The cat reactions are very funny and different! Some cats are totally LOST, they don't understand what happened and they  don't know how to react, others think that's a new game, others - more fearful - are afraid... 🙀 --------------------------- “FAIL! Exactly what my cat would do. Straight get the hell outta there!” “I think the poor Kitty is more scared by the blanket than the disapearence of his owner, haha.” [Video: allybabyyy216]

Party Hard! 3 colorpoint kittens...

...playing, biting and licking themselves (what a mess, haha) 😂 “And the black one is not welcome.” 😿 “Kitten wrestling: level 100.” “Little monsters!” 💗💙💛 [Video: Anthonyheybud]

Adult fluff cat still behaves like a playful kitten 😸

“Tickle Tickle Tickle…Paws up!” “Absolutely gorgeous cat: unreal” “Super Hyper Mega fluffy beast.” [Video @family_colin]

Kitten Scream Yawns 🙀

“ROAAAR!” When your realize that your cute kitten is a small lion... [Video: The Indie Machines @YouTube]