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Epic kitten fight. “Bro, you shall not paaaaaasss...” BOOM! 💥

Funny presumptuous kitty gets knocked down. you FAIL! 👎 “Fight me ...Fight me... I know your are a coward!” “Hmmm...You should NEVER underestimate the strength of an enemy!” 😔 “St. Vicious and Magoo.” [Video: Laura Jean Moore]

Cat vs. ferret: epic ultimate 💥 fight for a white blankie!

“Mine! • No, No, Mine! • Shut up, mine! • Nope…Miiiiine!”😼 “Well, possessive Pets are possessive.” “And the struggle is real!” 😋

Cute pink kitten sleeping, dreaming and twitching 💟

“Cute baby kitten trembling during its nap.” “I thinks she wants sweet belly rubs.” “Talk to, the paw(s)” 🐾 “Hug me Mom, I need ♥ love.” “Kiss my warm belly.” 💋 [Video: accidentkruzefrom @YouTube]

“OK kitty, now It’s time for your daily teeth brushing.” 😺

“Haha, so funny, this is how the electric toothbrush feels to me.” “OMG. I wish my cat would let me brush his teeth. The vet keeps looking at me like a bad parent because I can’t seem to do it on my own.” “Beautiful white whiskers.” [Video @boots_and_bear]