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Amazing leaping cat, 💥 Ninja Mode 💥 activated!

“This fluff cat is so so cute and funny as hell.” 😆 “Gonna.Catch.You.Fuck*”.  “Jump jump jump jump jump cat!” “Amazing flying & acrobat kitty.” 👍 [Video @hikariemi]

7 cute & funny kittens bobbing their heads in sync 😍

These are Maine Coon Kittens. Their characteristic ear tufts make them resemble lynxes!

OMG, so weird kitty! 👀 New cat breed? Pug-cat or Monkey-cat?

“This is my adorable ‘Mr. Serious’. He has skin problems, so the vet advised to shave his furr for easier treatment.” “Well, he’s still cute 💗 all shaved like that.” “Breaking the rules! Atomic hair cut” 😂 “What a cute little guy! Really outstanding and so adorable!” 💜 “Yes, he’s too adorable. Wishing him health and full recovery from those skin problems.” [Video @omajeeb]

Two adorable clingy kittens 💛 💛

 The left one is a warm and purring slipper 😸