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Crazy kitten: “I love ♥ you my big Teddy bear”

“Yes, I love ♥ you, do you understand?” “Omg, It's a VAMPURR kitten!” 😵 [Video: Juan Rodriguez]

Hungry cat vs. brave octopus: epic fight, epic FAIL! 😂

“HALP! I have made a huge mistake!” “ABORT! ABORT! ABORT!” “Instant KARMA!” “HALP! I'm blind!” “A new ugly monster walking backwards: The ‘Cat-topus’, hahaha!” 😂 [Video: SBSculture]

Cute kitten taking her bottle like a human baby! 👶

“I'm so hungry and thirsty.” “Funny hat or blanket?” 😋 [Video: Aaliyah]

'American Ninja Warrior' cat is training hard

“Our crazy cat in training for American Ninja Warrior. This kitty can seriously get nutty sometimes. The house is his own personal jungle gym!” 😁 [Video: Branden Bingham @YouTube]