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When your cat’s face is like: “Hooman, what kind of sorcery is this?!” 👀

“Those eyes are huge and confused!” “My cats will run away and hide under the bed!” 😁 “I was really amaze with the reaction of the fur.” “The cat’s face like sayin’ “What in the world is that thing?!” “That’s great! He looks so concerned!” “Did you see that, hooman? I can’t believe it!” 🙀 [Video: iPetcute]

OMG, crazy kitten rolling while eating! 😹

Haha, kittens are so funny!. “Two in one: eating and playing at same time!”  “They see me rollin', they hatin’” [Video: Dina Karafinka @YouTube]

'Mila & Ivy' waiting for Caturday like 💕

“Aww you two are soooo adorable. We need Saturday and the weekend right Meow.” “We can do it cuties! Btw hope your Mommy is having a lot of fun!” “Please, can you guys stop being so cute?” [Video @milaivyofficial]

Funny kitten still drinking milk while sleeping! 💤💤

"Mlem  Mlem  Mlem Mode activated... “Got milk?” 😸 [Video: ponzu cover @YouTube]