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Thirsty cat discovers a new fountain💧💦 in the bathtub!

“Purrrfect two in one: drinking fresh water and taking a bath.” “These are one of those cat breeds that like water: just amazing!” 👍 [Video @patrickcatson]

Cute Cat GIF • “Don't cry Mom, you're not alone, I'm here with you and I ♥ love you” 😻

“I’ll always be there Mom, there when the world and its promise is failing…” 💞 “He sees his owner crying, he’s sad, cats know human feelings.” “Yep! I don’t need a boyfriend, I have my cat he takes care of my feelings every single day…” 👧 + 😺 = 💕 “All my life, my kitties have been my best friend, confidante, my comfort. They know when we need them.”  💛

Funny kitten • “Peek-a-Boo human! Wanna play with me?”

Upside down kitty is playful, so cute and funny. “So cute + funny => So snuzzy.”  😉 [Video: Ju’]

Cute kitties • “Shhh…tired Bro & Sis are sleeping.”

“That’s what we call a purrfect catnap.” “Holly sh*t, I might implode from 💕 the cuteness…” “But why is cats sleeping together the cutest thing ever?” [Video @riepoyonn]