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Curious cats startled by a sneaky remote control car! 🚗

“hahaha 😂 the big black one just flew over the rest of them.” “DAFUQ is that new sh*t?! What is this strange new red thing?” 👀 “Innocent kitties freaked out by a fuck*ng sneaky hooman toy.” 😾 “It's a red red Ferrari !” “Do you mean a Purrari?” 😋 [Video @12catslady]

“Aaaahhh...Yaaas, that’s the (purrfect) spot!”

“Cats enjoying massages like humans are always funny.” 😁 “The Cat Masseuse: Thai Cat Massage Mastery.” 👍

Suddenly, 2 startled cat & kitten run away! 💥

“Scaring my two cats by blowing 😂” “Funny fast reflexes because >> CATS!” 😺 [Video: Mica E.]

Adorable newborn rescue kitten with closed eyes 💓

 “This cute newborn kitty is looking for mother's nipple. He is hungry.” “Poor little thing.” 💋💋💋 [Video: Gerard Schaefer @YouTube]