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Cat fascinated by the NEW amazing water bubble LAMP with fishes inside 🐟 🐠 🐟

“Wonderful, and magic color-changing-LED water LAMP’, isn't it my kitty?” “Yep Human, but what kind of sorcery is this?” 👀 [Video:  Hilarious cat viral @YouTube]

Cute mustache kitty found a warm spot under wool scarf 😸

“Yes, cold day, stay warm out there, folks.” ”Cutest hide & seek + Peekaboo.” 💗 [Video @kittenxlady]

Cute kitten trying not to fall asleep but it's so so hard 💤 💤

Poor tired baby. Not awake but not asleep either. You are getting very sleepy, you are almost asleep… [Video: Twinkietinyd0g @YouTube]

Funny cat family: 2 cats + 4 kittens bobbing their heads in sync

Sometimes, families of cats come in many different shapes, sizes and colors, hehe. [Video: Angel de Cristal]