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Weird cat tries his best to catch an...invisible thing (?!?) 😂

“Cat are mysterious pets, don't try to understand them.” 😋 “Haha watcha doin', what do you see?” “Invisible spider?” 👀 “He wants whiskey, but I think he needs good glasses.” 😁 [Video: Funny cat videos Rufus @YouTube] 

Cute kitten 💗 falling asleep in her fav slipper

It’s nap time baby, resistance is futile. “This little tired kitten just can't keep her little eyes open.” [Video: nytroz23 @YouTube]

It's bath time with doughnuts 🍩 for ׅ'Baron' (good boy)

“A doughnut bath? The dream TGH 😸  ❤️ “Wow wow amazing boy swimming with beautiful doughnuts!” “Look this one's a gorgeous cat!” “This white cat cured my depression.” 👧 “This is literally the best cat ever.” “Baron be like : wtf is this hooman?” 😂 [Video @baron.0723]

Very very very hungry kitten climbing up Mom’s leg! 😸

“Feed me right MEOW! Can’t wait one second more” “Fastest shortcut to his food.” [Video: Xana Spiloes]