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Ninja cat pounces and lands on the bathroom bar but then... 🤣

The jump was perfect and the fail, epic! 😂 “Fearless but presumptuous!” “HALP ME, I regret this bad decision, huge mistake...” 😿 “Get that camera outta here! Stop filming, cruel human, I know I'm ridiculous.” [Video: Hilarious cat viral@YouTube]

Funny kitten kneading HARD a soft bathroom rug 👍

“Maui the kitten: she was only a few weeks old. A very cute and funny kitty” 😍 [Video: Adam Tidwell]

Crazy kitten going around in circles on chair, trying hard to catch his tail

“Gonna catch you, silly tail, sooner or later!” “At least he tried.” 😂 “Kitty invents a new version of tail chasing game, hehe.” “Kittens crazy about their tails are hilarious.” “Doing purrfect circles.” “Funny haircut.” [Video: Funny cat videos via Rufus @YouTube]

Adorable ♥ kitten trying to catch and bite her own tail

World's most innocent Kitty. I can't handle all this cuteness 💔 “Cheapest kitten toy ever!” 😺 [Video: Deden Fardenan @YouTube]