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OMG! Fearful cat startled by (evil) earphones 🙀

“Haha 😁 what a huge back flip! He went up in one room and came down in another!” “You see that? They tried to kill me!” 😾 “At least he doesn't destroy them. I've lost many earphones because my cat felt like destroying something.” “Yep, my greedy cat eats them!” 😂 “He sees...grey snakes with weird heads!” “Something about the way the earphones moved when he touched them probably reminded him of a spider. Kind of like how cucumbers remind them of snakes” [Video: J. Alexander]

Such a cute 💗 fluffy Persian kitten, 4 weeks old (2GIFs)

 “'Marshmallow' loves to interact with her humans, claiming our laps with her naps, climbing up our shirts, playfully grasping our fingers, and sending sweet meows our way.” [Video: sweetfurx4 @YouTube]

One girl + two boys >> Peace and ♥ love

“Lucky girl to be the one in the middle.” 👧 “Yep, can I be the middle kitty?” “Two in one: hugging and spooning at the same time.” 👍 “Three in one: hugging spooning and licking.” 😋 [Video @midorinotanbo]

Funny Scottish fold kitten standing up on his chair

Cute Meercat...titude  😁 “Wow, this adorable little guy is standing up like a person and balancing himself quite well.” 👏 “Watching birds outside?”  👀 [Video: ambush crew @YouTube]