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MiSSiON: iMPOSSiBLE! • So, today you must take your nap on the floor 😂

“When you have a bad day, a really bad day.” 😁 “Moving your mattress by yourself is hard, haha, poor kitty.” “Me and my fuck*ng life. No way!” 😥 “Poor guy, he forgot HOW TO CAT!”😋

Adorable tiny kitten running (look at his funny & cute pointy tail)

“Our funny kitten 'Mi Mi' running in a kitty way.” 👧 “Run Forrest, run!” “Going to the kitchen, I'm so hungry!” 😸 “Cutest galloping kitty” 💕 [Video: Hollywood Rags]

WTF? Ginger kitty looks scared of his own reflection in the mirror

“This kitty sure looks afraid of himself.” “Yes, he’s scared of his own reflection: who is this ugly ginger guy?” “Ready to attack! 3…2…1…GO!” [Video @noa0420]

Well, a 'lamp cat' is a cat with head in lamp. What else? 😆

“Enlightened cat.”💡 At the end: “Judging you from my podium.” “Haha, they (cats) MAD!” 🤣 “Just using his solar panels to recharge.” “WHAT? Human, leave me alone, stop filming, don't you have something to do?“ “Judgmental cat is judgmental.” 😼