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Meanwhile... a 'crazy cat girl' is playing hard with her funny kitty 😸

Kittens are not toys for cat lovers! OK, in Japan they are, haha! 🤣 “2 hours later... still playing...purrfect endless game!” 😋

Amazing waterproof cat likes to take showers like his humans! 👌

“OMG kitty, so much water on you!” 💦 “Water? Seriously Mom? Where? I don't see any water there!” 😸 “ Breaking the rule >> Cats hate having water on their fur.” 😹 “Pets wearing a shower cap are so funny.”😁

Young cat sleeping on his back in a funny (and zen) way

Funny hind legs + cute front legs. “Just going my daily Yoga.” [Video: Jack aliston]

Baby kitten is so hungry and excited about his syringue!

“‘Bob Charlee’ was impatient for his meal. He was like: “Wait what the hell is that hey stop it! No no no! Oh Yeah… that’s it… Mmmm so delicious!” [Video: Jenny Shane @YouTube]